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About Us

Turning Care Into Action

Founded in 2009, We are an organization dedicated to providing kids with the little extra their families are unable to afford. We provide items such as school supplies and clothing to hygiene necessities. With the help of our great community, we want to make growing up in the Florida Keys something every kid can enjoy. From Christmas, to Prom, and back to school, we are a helping hand that provides children with what it is they're needing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clothing, personal and school supplies to every child experiencing financial adversity in Monroe County.

Our Roots


When we started back in October of 2009, our logo was actually created by Roxy's own granddaughter. In essence, it represents where we come from and what we represent. When we updated it, we didn't want to forget so we keep the basis and modernized it a bit. For us, it's all about the kids and their well being. Nothing comes before that.

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